The Cropthorne Autonomous House

Mike Coe & Lizzie Stoodley's ultra low energy eco-build in Worcestershire.

• No space heating of any kind –
No boiler, no wood stove, no heat pumps.
• Super-insulated, triple-glazed, thermally massive.
• Designed to the exacting German Passivhaus standard but
exceeds it by a factor of three (heat demand 5kWh/m/yr).
• Completely 'water-neutral' by use of harvested rainwater and composting toilets –
Uses neither mains water or drainage, nor the energy required to deliver them.
• Intelligent use of renewable energy makes the house carbon negative.
• Obtains its servicing almost entirely from the land on which it
stands, giving it a tiny environmental footprint.
• Although different to a conventionally serviced house, life in it is designed to be every bit as good.

Passivhaus For Sale –
An opportunity to own the Cropthorne Autonomous House.

This isn't a decision we've taken lightly. We love living here – it's a wonderful house in a beautiful location.
But we all have to leave our homes eventually, and it's the prospect of another potentially exciting project which tipped the balance.

The sale offers a unique opportunity to purchase what is currently Britain's most energy efficient private dwelling.
It features four ground-floor bedrooms, a fantastic first-floor open plan living area, a two-floor conservatory,
plus a whole-house basement containing the autonomous systems and huge amounts of walk-in storage space.
Designed using the Passivhaus Planning Package (self-certified) it exceeds this exacting standard by
a considerable margin, meaning no installed heating system is required.

Typically, with grants for solar PV and hot water systems, and taking simple steps to avoid wasting energy,
we achieve an income of around £700 per year (instead of having to pay bills).

Situated in South Worcestershire between the towns of Evesham and Pershore, local facilities are excellent,
as is access to road and rail links, and the house is just a mile from Bredon Hill and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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The Autonomous House is on sale through agents Fine & Country – Click Here for more details.
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The Autonomous House Video Tour.

Mike has produced a short video tour of the house, with the emphasis on explaining the autonomous features. If you've not been able to visit, then this is the next best thing!

Click here to view.

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